“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.”

E.O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize Winner and visionary


Who we are: The only global alliance of independent aesthetic consultants. An elite group of specialised professionals sharing our combined wisdom, insider knowledge and resources for the benefit of our private clients. Consulting with one of our members brings an incomparable collective insight and amassed expertise that goes way beyond the scope of anything else in existence. All members are certified and have completed the exclusive Aesthetic Consultants Masterclass™. Cindy Jackson.

Why we are: In response to the ongoing demand for accurate, up-to-the-minute reliable information about cosmetic surgery (or plastic surgery) and nonsurgical treatments: Over 40,000 cosmetic doctors and surgeons are now in practice in dozens of countries worldwide, with an estimated 20,000 in USA alone, performing around 23 million surgical & nonsurgical procedures every year. (Source: ISAPS) This enormous global marketplace generates an endless flood of conflicting information that leaves prospective patients confused, frustrated and vulnerable. Deceptive internet marketing is rife and can influence the choices of unsuspecting patients.  As a result, requests for help with revision surgery are at an all-time high and the latest trend is to turn away from the cacophony of the internet to seek trusted advice from those who actually possess it. People have woken up to the fact that Google does not know who the best aesthetic practitioner for them is, and that forums have proven to be notoriously unreliable.

What we do: First and foremost, we advocate safety, excellence and efficacy at all times in aesthetic treatments and elective surgery for our private clients. We focus on only the highest quality information in this specialty that continues to evolve and expand at an exponential rate. Our mission is to match each client to the right practitioner who excels at performing their chosen procedure. This saves our clients a great deal of money and heartache by avoiding the need for expensive revision surgery or “do-over” procedures, which are also on the rise due to the lack of dependable information elsewhere. Although our main role is to consult with private clients, we are also in demand to speak to the media, attend conferences, host health & beauty events and participate in many kinds of related activities.

What we are not: We are not doctors and do not give medical advice. Nor are we mere surgery “coaches” or agents for any practice­.

Our founder: Cindy Jackson was the world’s first cosmetic surgery consultant and continues to be a pioneer in the field.

Cindy Jackson's IAAC: A global solution for the information age.

IAAC working together: A powerful global solution for the information age

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