How the International Association of Aesthetic Consultants™ was founded by Cindy Jackson


Cindy Jackson

IAAC founder & CEO Cindy Jackson

AHEAD OF HER TIME: The first-ever professional Aesthetic Consultant

Cindy recognised a real need for expert non-medical patient guidance and support when she began having aesthetic procedures in 1985. Since pioneering the concept of aesthetic consultancy in 1987, she has helped countless others in their own pursuit of beauty and excellence. Her illustrious career spans almost three decades. Cindy has remained at the top of her profession due to her uncompromising dedication to result-based success for her clients. She continues to set the gold standard for aesthetic results.  Her own transformation from ugly duckling to age-defying swan means she is living proof of her unique expertise. With the explosion of incoherent information on the internet, record number of medical practitioners and vast amount of procedures performed annually, she once again recognised a genuine and pressing need.
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STILL AHEAD OF HER TIME: The “Eureka!” Moment

Cindy is a popular speaker at medical conferences, where she is invited to give presentations to doctors about her work and what it’s like to be on the “other side of the scalpel.” At these events Cindy also enjoys attending the doctors’ lectures to further her knowledge. She observes top medical professionals generously sharing their techniques and experiences – to the great benefit of their patients. As the only person in the world who has her specialist knowledge and expertise, she always wished she had colleagues of her own with whom to confer and compare notes.  Her clients often joked that she should clone herself.  The “Eureka!” moment came when, after hearing Cindy’s talk, an eminent surgeon shook her hand and said, “There should be more people doing what you do.” And the International Association of Aesthetic Consultants™ was born. Click HERE to find out how to become a Professional Aesthetic Consultant and join the IAAC.