Reviews of previous IAAC Masterclasses

“The Masterclass was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I will never forget this intense get together with strangers who became friends in a very short period of time. Cindy is an outstanding personality, generous in heart and mind and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. Her inside knowledge, professionalism, intelligence and sense of humor made this week so special. Above all of Cindy’s secrets, she shared with us, we had the opportunity to listen to highly professional guest speakers, surgeons and celebrities sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. The way she lectured about any subject concerning aesthetic surgery was very professional, interesting and sometimes breathtaking in a very positive way. Cindy closed every gap, took all our fear away and gave us the confidence to run our own consultancy. I feel blessed and grateful that I was selected and have been part of this unique group that was filled with good vibes and vitality.” Claudia Grosek, Austria

“If I could only choose one word to describe Cindy Jackson and her Masterclass, that word would be GENEROUS. I am extremely fortunate for having met Cindy and her close circle of friends and aesthetic and medical professionals. They all have the same common characteristics: they are caring, passionate for what they do and are constantly striving for excellence. No wonder why Cindy’s career in anti-aging and cosmetic surgery has been so successful for 3 decades and now she is willing to share all her wisdom with fellow Aesthetic Consultants. The Masterclass gives a 360° overview of all that is needed to succeed as an Aesthetic Consultant: understanding of people and their motivation for being young and attractive, the best and safest techniques available to achieve this and how this market and business need to be carefully understood and handled in order to help protect clients from greedy professionals. Even with all this knowledge, a successful career as an Aesthetic Consultant can only be achieved with the secrets Cindy generously reveals throughout the whole course.” Arturo Ochoa, Spain

“It was a fun week with a wonderful group of new friends. Cindy is without doubt a remarkable human being who exudes warmth, kindness and beauty. The Masterclass was extremely informative and hugely enjoyable with esteemed guest speakers in abundance! Cindy is a true professional and will only accept excellence in all areas of aesthetics.” Elizabeth Roberts, Rugy England

“Cindy has created an absolutely amazing course, like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I honestly can’t think of anything that could be improved. On the first day alone, I couldn’t believe how much I’d learned. Not only have I learned so much, we’ve been taught by some of the finest surgeons and aesthetic experts in a wide range of areas. Every single speaker, including Cindy, has been wonderful, as have all my fellow students. Everyone has been so kind. And it’s been so fun! Actually, it has felt like a treat. Mira Stone, CA USA

“The Masterclass with Cindy has been one of the best things that has happened to me. It surpassed my expectations in every way! I feel so honored, lucky and blessed to know her, she is so beautiful inside out, with a generous and kind spirit. It was also wonderful to meet so many amazing people who will become friends for life. I will be forever grateful for this incredible experience, words can´t describe!” Caroline Eng, Lisbon Portugal

“Cindy’s Masterclass was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I feel extremely privileged to have been part of a wonderful group led by an extraordinarily brave and beautiful (inside and out) Cindy Jackson. I’ve learnt a great wealth of information and feel fully prepared to launch my new career as an aesthetic consultant. It was a wonderful experience.” Dora Estetyka, England

“The best investment I ever made! Every single day was an exciting learning experience that was fun and incredibly eye-opening.” Rachel Cara, VA USA

“Cindy has given each of us extremely important life gifts; the gift of enlightenment, of inside knowledge, meaningful life long friendships, business opportunities, the need to strive for excellence and the ability to help people change their lives for the better! How often can you say a week has been “a life game changer!” If this class had cost twice what it was, it would have been worth every penny!  Inside knowledge and experience is priceless! So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity and the pleasure of meeting you, you surpassed my expectations by far! The extra bonus surprise was the remarkable women that I had the great fortune to meet.  Exceptional, fun, interesting, smart, savvy, brave and the list goes on…  I will never be able to put a price tag on this gift alone!”
Wendy Weisstein, TX USA